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Aloha and mahalo to everyone that came out to audition for GREASE!!!


Once again, thank you for making the auditions so fun and easy… but making the casting decisions and the callback decisions so difficult!! We had an incredible turnout and we are so excited to start working with both casts!!  Below please find the call back lists which includes some roles that are not requiring callbacks but are cast based off of this week’s auditions.  Please let us know if you are not able to make the callbacks email . To those called back, please take a look at the attached sides and be prepared to read them at the call backs. Congratulations to everyone and see you all very soon!! To all those you auditioned for the camp if you don't see your name listed here you are invited to join the ensemble for the camp. For The Palace Production of GREASE the ensemble list will be posted with the final cast.


For all our actors coming back as Danny please prepare the audition cut of “Sandy” from the website.


For our Cha Cha callbacks be prepared to showcase your improv dance skills in the style of GREASE.

The Palace Production


Sandy: Meili Caputo, Aleah Kay

Danny: Jason Aiwohi-Tomlin, Kyden DeSa

Rizzo: Kyra Gomes (Cast-No Callback Necessary)

Kenickie: Jason Aiwohi-Tomlin, Kyden DeSa

Marty: Makoa (on tape), Aleah Kay

Doody: Sam Deitch, Makoa (on tape)

Jan: Megan Tayamen, Tyler Dela Cruz, Aleah Kay

Roger: Lenx Neves (Cast-No Callback Necessary)

Frenchie: Kassidy Wilson, Tyler Dela Cruz, Mary Kimura, Natsu Tulang

Patty: Kanoe Polido, Natsu Tulang

Mrs. Lynch: Jackie Gomes, Miriam Wilson, Yisa Var

Sonny: Christian Ventura, Grayson Mento

Cha Cha: Zoi Nakamura, Kassidy Wilson

Eugene: Zayne Paresa (Cast-No Callback Necessary)

Teen Angel: Darryl Castillo (Cast-No Callback Necessary)


The Camp Production


Sandy: Olga Lehua (Cast-No Callback Necessary)

Danny: Lenx Neves (Cast-No Callback Necessary)

Rizzo: Megan Tayamen (Cast-No Callback Necessary)

Kenickie: Addai Wright, Christian Ventura

Marty: Maya Polloi, Kaislyn Caceres

Doody: Addai Wright, Jonah Polloi

Jan: Kiera Mazurik, Lyric Castillias

Roger: Addai Wright, Christian Ventura

Frenchie: Maya Polloi, Kiley Brown

Patty: MJ Ford, Skylee Hiraki

Mrs. Lynch: TBD

Sonny: Milo Willard, Tristan Tipton

Cha Cha: Skylee Hiraki, Kenzie Swiftney

Eugene: Milo Willard, Tristan Tipton

Teen Angel: TBD

Grease Assets (21).png
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