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Aloha kākou!


Introducing “Audition Technique Workshop with the Downtown Divas!” Located at East Hawaiʻi Cultural Center and sponsored by HEART, this audition technique workshop is led by Hilo-born performers Makoa and Kyra Gomes. This course will be separated into three separate classes: August 9th (Wed), August 15th (Tues), and August 16th (Wed). This experience aims to strengthen audition etiquette and technique. Each artist will be asked to perform audition cuts individually for the group and receive feedback from Makoa and Kyra. This allows each artist to receive one-on-one feedback and observe their fellow performers. Subjects include but are not limited to: building repertoire, working/making audition cuts, sourcing backing tracks, and monologue work.


Please come prepared with two contrasting 32 measure pieces or two contrasting one minute long monologues. If you are preparing music, please come prepared with sheet music and an accompaniment track. If you are preparing monologues, please come prepared with PDFs of your scripts. 

Descriptions of each class:

Day 1: Prep It (Aug 9th) - Picking the right audition song for YOU, preparing/cutting/marking your sheet music, finding a backing track, PLAY!

Day 2: Practice It (Aug 15th) - Practicing 101, bringing the material to life, PLAY!

Day 3: Slay It (Aug 16th) -  Dressing the part, trusting yourself, PLAY!

You can find further information on Makoa and Kyra here!

Each individual workshop will offer essential information and experience that each artist can gain from. However, it is not required to attend each class. Drop-ins will also be available! Each class will offer a presentation of some sort, an opportunity to perform in front of the group, and feedback from Makoa and Kyra.


For further information please feel free to contact either of us

Kyra Gomes (808) 987-1184

Makoa (808) 756-2236.

To sign-up, click this link. We look forward to creating magic with you soon!

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