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Avenue Q is about real life. It's about finding a job, losing a job, learning about racism, getting an apartment, getting kicked out of your apartment, being different, falling in love, promiscuity, avoiding commitment, hangovers, Internet porn and discovering the world.

H.E.A.R.T. produced Avenue Q in spring of 2022 and performed at the Hilo Palace Theater

Larry Reitzer

Musical Director
Charles Bankhead Haines

Aleah Kay

Photos by Nicholas Souza @keonisouza on Instagram

It Sucks to Be Me

Performers: Sam Deitch (Kate Monster), Danny Randerson (Brian), Charles Bankhead Haines (Rod/Princeton), Kyden De Sa (Nicky), Jennie Kaneshiro (Christmas Eve), Alexander the Amazing (Gary Coleman), Tyler Dela Cruz

Residents of Avenue Q sing about their struggles as they set the tone for this comedic show.

Kate, Nicky, and Princeton reminisce about college when their lives were easier. An epiphanic moment for the three of them.

It's Fine Line

Performers: Sam Deitch (Kate Monster), Kyden De Sa (Nicky), Charles Bankhead Haines (Princeton)

There is Life Outside Your Apartment

Performers: Alexander the Amazing (Gary Coleman), Kyden De Sa (Bad Idea Bear), Tyler Dela Cruz (Bad Idea Bear)

Photos by Nicholas Souza @keonisouza on Instagram

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