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When Randle Patrick McMurphy gets transferred for evaluation from a prison farm to a mental institution, he assumes it will be a less restrictive environment. But the martinet Nurse Ratched runs the psychiatric ward with an iron fist, keeping her patients cowed through abuse, medication and sessions of electroconvulsive therapy. The battle of wills between the rebellious McMurphy and the inflexible Ratched soon affects all the ward's patients.

H.E.A.R.T. produced One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in Winter of 2023-2024 and performed at the East Hawaii Cultral Center

Larry Reitzer


Photos by Nicholas Souza @keonisouza on Instagram


Performers: Chesa Greene (The Emcee), Ensemble

Get ready as they open Cabaret with 'Willkommen'! An introduction to the story and characters.


Performer: Kyra Gomes (Sally)

Sally sings as she decides the life she wants to live, making her decision to continue the lifestyle she's been living.

Tomorrow Belongs to Me (Reprise)

Performers: Yisa Var (Fräulein Kost), Charles Bankhead Haines (Ernst Ludwig), Ensemble

Closing Act I with and emotional and heart wrenching moment.

Photos by Nicholas Souza @keonisouza on Instagram

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