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I HEART SUMMER - THE GREASE EXPERIENCE is a four week tuition-free summer camp

for performers (singers, dancers, actors) and young people interested in technical crew (lighting, set construction, costumes) aged 8-18. The camp will run May 29th thru June 25th culminating in a “camper-only” production of GREASE performed for friends, family and the public at the East Hawaii Cultural Center on June 24th and 25th.


Camp will run Monday thru Friday 10-2 and will consist mostly of singing, dancing and acting rehearsals to prepare campers for the upcoming performances of GREASE but it will also feature weekly classes in dance, improvisation, audition technique, singing and acting.


In addition to the Camp Experience (which ends on June 25th) some campers will be invited to be part of the ensemble for an adult production of GREASE which will be held at the Historic Palace Theatre and will run July 14th, 15th and 16th. Campers will be offered this opportunity based on three criteria: 1) attendance; 2) excitement, willingness and professionalism during rehearsals and 3) behavior at rehearsals, which includes showing respect and kindness to the production team and fellow cast members. If a camper falls short in any of these aspects they will not be eligible to participate in the performance at the Palace Theater.


For all campers who do join the production at The Palace Theater, they will be asked to attend rehearsals for two additional weeks leading up to opening night, July 14th. Rehearsals for GREASE at the Palace would be the first two weeks of July - and might be a mix of day and/or evening rehearsal times. Campers who are invited are not required to participate in the Palace shows and are free to decline involvement. However all campers will perform in the end of camp showcase at the East Hawaii Cultural Center.


Registration and Auditions are in-person on the day of your audition.


So come down to the auditions, meet our creative team and our staff, get all your questions answered, sign up and join us (and other Big Island theatre-loving youth) for a month of singing, dancing, acting and fun!


Please note that this is a tuition-free program but there is a $50 registration fee that covers costs of materials (scripts/music books) and additional costume needs. Also note that no camper will be turned away for lack of funds. When you sign up, request a financial waiver on your application and all fees will be waived. We want anyone who loves theatre as much as we do to join us!

Feel free to contact our Producer, Nicholas Souza, at and he would be happy to answer any questions.


Except for a $50 registration fee which will cover materials, extra costumes and snacks the camp will be totally free. Please note that there will be scholarships available for any performer who is not able to cover the registration fee. No performer will be turned away for lack of funds.  


Will understudies ever get to perform the role? 

Understudies in prior HEART shows such as THE LION KING, CABARET and THE PROM have  all gone on to perform in the show… it is a possibility.

Also: The final weekend of camp (June 24th-June 25th) we will be doing a Final Camp  Showcase with just campers at the EHCC. This two-performance Showcase will feature only  campers performing numbers from the show. More information will be provided as we get further along in the process.


Does this mean campers aged 8-18 might not get to perform lead roles?

Perhaps, but perhaps not. Every performer will be asked to audition and the show will be cast  with the best person getting the role. Anyone who is not cast in a lead role will join the  ensemble and appear in at least four numbers that are fully choreographed. 

In addition, each role will have at least one understudy who will learn and rehearse the role  which will give them an incredible educational opportunity to work with our professional staff and older cast members.


Are there any other costs? 

Like all HEART shows, tickets to the shows will be made available to friends and family (and  the public) for purchase. Tickets usually run about $15-20. But parents and friends are always invited and welcome to attend all rehearsals for free.


When are the auditions? What will I have to do?  

Auditions are May 8th - May 12th. And we are asking that all performers who are auditioning come prepared to sing about sixty seconds of a song from the show, read some lines from the show,  and learn a short dance combination. 

Auditions for those of ages 8-14 will take place on May 7th and 8th at the East Hawaii Cultural Center - 141 Kalakaua Street, Hilo 

Auditions for those of ages 15 and up will take place on May 9th and 11th at the East Hawaii Cultural Center - 141 Kalakaua Street, Hilo 


Callbacks for all ages will be May 12th at the East Hawaii Cultural Center - 141 Kalakaua Street, Hilo 


When are rehearsal/camp times?

We expect rehearsals to run Monday - Friday from 10am-2pm, however this is subject to change as actor availability will be taken into consideration.


What if I don’t sing and want to be in the show. Or what if I don’t dance and want to be in  the show?  

As always with HEART shows, we have both singers who don’t dance, and dancers who don’t  sing. We encourage everyone to audition, no matter what your skill set or level of expertise.  This is a training program, and if you love performing and want to get better at any of the  disciplines (acting, singing, dancing) we welcome you to join us. 


Are parents expected to help with set building, costume coordination, monitoring, etc?

Parents will be asked to get involved in the show. This is not mandatory by any means but is highly encouraged. In the past parents have asked, “How can I get involved?” Here are some examples of how the production team might ask for assistance from parents and families: set building, set painting, prop work, costume organizing, check in, group leaders to help keep an eye on the kids, and possibly helping walking kids from one rehearsal space to another. If any of this interest when you bring your child to auditions there will be a portion of the form that’ll be for parents. 


Any questions please feel free to contact our Producer, Nicholas Souza, at He’s happy to answer any questions! 


If my child doesn’t want to perform, will there be opportunities for them to get involved in the crew (example: sets, lights, costumes, etc)?

Yes. Of course. We encourage any young person who is interested in learning more about the technical side of theater to join us and be part of our crew. Best way to find out about crew opportunities is to come to our audition night to meet our crew in person and fill out a small form so we can have your contact information. More information about crew positions and opportunities will be shared after audition week.


This sounds a little overwhelming. I have heard that HEART shows are challenging and a  lot of work especially for young performers.  

You have heard right. This might be more work than  most young performers have ever experienced… but it will also be a lot of fun and incredibly  rewarding. We ask a  lot of our young (and older) casts and we expect everyone to commit to the schedule, show up  on time, show up prepared and be ready to work. We realize our program may not be for everyone and we encourage all performers to look for the outlet that best suits them. Hilo is filled with many amazing programs. There is something for everyone and not everyone will be a perfect fit for everything.


What will a day be like?  

A typical day will be much like the usual day when rehearsing for a HEART SHOW. Four hours,  five days a week. The first hour might be vocal work. The second hour might be blocking. And  the third hour might be choreography. The work will be geared toward learning the material for  the show with special days/sessions set aside for master classes and guest lecturers. There  will be fifteen minute breaks between sessions. 


Will lunch be provided?  

No. We will have some snacks on the snack table.

We might have rehearsals that will stretch between lunch times in those cases we ask students to come prepared with lunch from home. If a performer forgets their lunch, we will do our best to arrange something for them. We asked that performers not bring food that needs to be refrigerated or microwaved. We asked that all performers bring their own refillable water bottle as there will be water provided for campers to fill up their water bottles. Because we must all STAY HYDRATED!

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Get in Touch

Feel free to contact our Producer, Nicholas Souza, at and he would be happy to answer any questions.

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